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13 October 2011 @ 11:50 pm
Smartass student - woogyu / Chocolate war - myungjong  
Title: Smartass Student
Length: 594w
Author: chunonew_rx
Pairing: Woohyun/Sunggyu, gen
Summary: He could try to ask for more but the world wasn’t perfect so he took was he was given.  
For 100 infinite fic challenge, 001 -teacher/student -wooghyun/sunggyu
Warnings: Not beta-ed. Horrible English.

“Nam Woohyun.” He heard someone calling his name. He thought it was part of that pleasant dream he was having about being a king and having maids and such.
There was a tapping sound of a foot hitting on the floor, odd.
“NAM WOOHYUN!!” This time he woke up with the strong sound of something hitting his table and someone screaming his name really near.
“What? … What’s going on? What’s with those screams?” He said as he rubbed his eyes while trying to see clear at his around.
He looked around and saw that he was in one of his classes. It seemed he fell asleep again in the classroom. He looked up to find his professor angry face looking at him.
“Mister Nam if you aren’t going to press attention to the class I will ask you nicely once again, step out of it. I don’t come here to find tourist students sleeping on my Shakespeare lecture. I can’t tolerate these disrespectful acts towards this wonderful piece of art.”
Woohyun just rolled his eyes. It’s not that he didn’t like the literature, because on the contrary he actually read all the assigned work for the class. It was just that he didn’t wanted to look deep down on the meanings, he didn’t care. But his literature professor, Kim Sunggyu didn’t have the same opinion. Instead he was a freak when it came to look deep into things.
“So if you don’t appreciate the art just step out. So I don’t have to see your disgusting face drooling on the table and this masterpiece being disrespected.”
“Professor I don’t call it being disrespectful and besides I couldn’t think of my face as disgusting, I’m still the most handsome guy in this class, drooling or not.”
Now it was time for Professor Kim to roll his eyes, he turned to the class and walked to his desk. “Well since Mister Nam is giving such good contribution to the class today, why don’t you say the line I have been trying to explain for the last hour, which no one still have figured out.”
“That’s easy.” Woohyun says and continues taking. “The line is from when Romeo is talking to Juliet in the second part. He says: My bounty is as boundless as the sea, my love as deep; the more I give to thee, the more I have, for both are infinite.” He finishes talking with that annoying smile professor Kim hated.
When Professor Kim was about to respond the bell started ringing, so he said instead “Well class thanks to your classmate big contribution to today’s class, you all have an assignment for next class. Write an essay for minimum 10 pages to describe what the author meant when he used the word infinite to describe bounty and love and what similarity have this word with the sea. See you on Monday.”
Everyone started growling in discontent while getting up with their things, by then Woohyun wasn’t near to be found.
Professor Kim Sunggyu just stood there giving a small smile as he thought “Who he thinks he is? He sleeps all class and then is the only one with the correct answer, that arrogant smartass.”
But after all, that smartass was the one that responded correctly to all the questions and made the best essays reports. He being arrogant, narcissist and everything was the best student Kim Sunggyu had that semester. He could try to ask for more but the world wasn’t perfect so he took was he was given, Nam Woohyun. 

Title: Chocolate war
Length: 567w
Author: chunonew_rx
Pairing: myungsoo/sungjong, gen
Summary: The stylish noonas were questioning why certain members were getting so much acne recently.
For 100 infinite fic challenge, 003-Chocolate-myungsoo/sungjong
Warnings: Not beta-ed. Horrible English.

It was their day off. All of the other members were busy in some kind of schedule. Now those two had the new and bigger dorm for themselves. But since they didn’t share rooms, each one was on his own side.
Myungsoo on his part took the day to sleep while who knows what Sungjong was doing on the other side.
It was almost 3pm when he decided he was tired of his bed and instead that he was really hungry. So he got up from bed and lazily walked out of the room he now shared other two members. When he was on his way to the kitchen to find something to eat he hears the sound coming from the maknae room.
The sound was something similar to bags being opened and lot of rummaging involved through them. It looked like the maknae was desperate looking for something Myungwoo figured.
This all got him curious so he walked closer to the door while trying not to make any sound. Now he was hearing the desperate voice of the maknae talking to himself “Where could it be?! I’m sure I left it here somewhere…” He continued while Myungsoo opened slowly the door and peered in to see clearer what was happening, all this without being noticed by the other.
He then saw the rushed maknae taking out more bags and these being opened, which revealed the content. Those were full of snacks the maknae wasn’t supposed to have. That kind of food was banned from their dorm and if one of the managers found out there was going to be a big trouble. But Myungsoo wasn’t really surprised to see all that there. He had the idea from before that the maknae had lots of food hidden somewhere, they all did at some point.
“Aha! I found it! My yummy chocolate bar!” Sungjong said as he raised his hands in excitement unaware of the guy behind him looking.
Myungsoo noticed it was a jumbo size Hershey’s chocolate bar. Then his stomach growled and reminded him why he actually got out of him room.
“Were you planning on eating all that by yourself?”
Sungjong jumped in surprise and he turned to see who it was. “Hyung~ it’s not like it looks like, I swear.”
“Yeah, yeah. Share with me and your secret will be saved in good hands.” Said Myungsoo while walking besides some bags and sitting down.
“Wait! Don’t touch anything. Let’s make a clear deal first.” Sungjong said. “How do I know you won’t really tell anyone?”
“Well dah~, that’s a stupid question. First because I’m hungry, second because I can blackmail you with this and third because… will you give me of that Hershey’s right?”
“Dream about it.” said Sungjong with that diva expression. “I worked too hard to get this preciousness here (referring to the chocolate bar) and its now for just myself.”
“Let me call the manager for his opinion then.” Myungsoo played his card.
“No, no!” an historical Sungjong screamed. “How much do you want?”
“Three quarters.”
“Don’t you dare.”
 If looks could kill there could be such tragic ending. At the end of their little war the chocolate bar was divided in half for them both.
Later that month the stylish noonas were questioning why certain members were getting so much acne recently without knowing there was a conspiracy going on.


second try with infinite, even thought its not romantic related XD
I actually need a beta if i really want to do well with this challenge. My English sucks and I'm aware of that. XD so if anyone wants to help ^_^
maggieweerainbow on October 14th, 2011 01:15 pm (UTC)
The image of the Smartass Student fits Woohyun rather well hehe ^^ And so does the frustrated teacher for Sunggyu ;o) I love how there's a kind of battle going on between them it's like there's a bond there too because of how they both understand the literature so well, and it's funny how Sunggyu is actually thankful for Woohyun in the end, even with all his faults :o)

Chocolate War was very cute ^^ I could totally imagine Sungjong's look of disdain towards Myungsoo while thinking about how the other in no way deserved to share his secret stash!! lol
roxa: dongwoo allsexai XDchunonew_rx on October 16th, 2011 03:19 am (UTC)
thanks for reading and liking it XD
thyluvlyname212thyluvlyname212 on October 14th, 2011 05:35 pm (UTC)
your english doesn't suck! :D i think it's quite good! :)
i like this, it's very refreshing to have something more band-members related rather than i-love-you or i-loved-you or idk this is jus more realistic :)
roxa: dongwoo allsexai XDchunonew_rx on October 16th, 2011 03:20 am (UTC)
thank you~ ^^ ..i'm trying to improve XD
I'm glad you liked it ^^
candiiez on October 16th, 2011 11:13 pm (UTC)
the woogyu was so adorable. this character totally fits Woohyun. i can see him misssing schools and returning later with a freak A+, better than any other students who studied their ass out six weeks ago xD and Sunggyu, /sighs., Sunggyu.. is even priceless too.

"I don’t come here to find tourist students sleeping on my Shakespeare lecture. I can’t tolerate these disrespectful acts towards this wonderful piece of art.”

He certainly loves his art, oh yes he does.

Chocolate war was juts so fluffy too. Its like a ganster affair. it does from 'yo man gimme the drug or i call the cops' to 'yo man gimme the choco bar or imma call the manager' xD

I liked it, thanks for these cute stories~♥

roxa: dongwoo allsexai XDchunonew_rx on October 17th, 2011 01:18 am (UTC)
I'm glad you liked both XD
thanks for reading ^^