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13 March 2012 @ 02:33 pm
Sweet Escape - yadong - oneshot for IBB11  
Title: Sweet Escape
Pairing/Focus: Dongwoo/Hoya
Rating: PG-15
word count: 5,312
Summary: Hoya gets a big job, that was kill Jang Dongwoo. It was never suppose to mean escape with the subject.

Written for dashidorawa's InfiniteMiniBang11. Didn't crossposted it here before because I wasn't satisfied with my work.. I tried to edit it better but I'm till not sure if I like it or not. big thanks to imvus that helped me beta this when I most needed it. ^^

Killing people for money was a thing Hoya was already used to do. For a person like him who grew up doing this kind business, killing was like eating. Well literally, because without killing there would be no money for his family eating. Well, that was the case at first, but not now. The 21 years old Hoya now was different. Killing was already his profession and his family didn’t need the money anymore. But for Hoya, now the only way out of it was being killed instead. He didn’t have any other expectations, at least until now, maybe.

“I need a guy off the map.” said a covered guy as he gave Hoya a heavy package full of green. “I don’t have his picture but I can give you his family information and you have use this to investigate. You can do this right?”

“Investigate? This will cost you more, you know?” Hoya asked and the guy nodded.

“Start with the money I’m giving you now. I will give you the rest when you kill him, ok?”

“You know I don’t work this way.” Hoya said with as much calm as he can muster. “I do my job but I don’t follow orders. So you give me all my money or this won’t be a deal. Take it or leave it.”

“I swear, if I didn’t know how good you are in this business I couldn't stand listening to your bullshit.” said the guy getting a bit angry. “You will do as I tell you. In that folder is already enough money for this. So you are the one getting extra pay. This is important and I need the guy out of the way. Ok?”

“You should have said that from the beginning, we are now talking. Now tell me the name and information and I’ll work the magic.”

“Name: Jang Dognwoo, son of big head Jang. Do the math.”

“WHAT!” Hoya couldn’t believe what he just heard. “You want me to mess with the Jang’s people. You must be fucking kidding me!”

“No, I’m not. Take this as a challenge. I was told you like challenges.” the guy grinned.

“You will definitely pay gooood for this, mark my words. My head is on the line here.” Hoya said “Just give me the details.”

The guy laughed and said. “I knew you couldn’t say no to this. He is out of the country for the moment. From the information I have, he will arrive on Monday. From what I heard he studied overseas and is coming back to take his father’s place.”

“Good.” Hoya said and got up. The conversation was over.

He didn’t have hard feelings on anything and being cold and quiet as he always was usually was a benefit for him. Because he thought being like this gave him no chance of losing or getting attached to things he wasn’t supposed to. Being the way he was is what gave him his success.

Well that was until now. Because now things didn’t go as well as he wanted them.

He got the guy’s information. For money you could get all the information you want in the world, at least in his world. So the information wasn’t really the problem. The problem was how to kill the guy without getting noticed.

The guy, Jang Dongwoo, was well protected. It looked like his father knew other parties didn’t want his son to succeed. It seemed like he knew what was to happen to his son.

Hoya on his part continued planning ways to complete the job. He came to the conclusion that killing him on his arrival was the best way. The only problem was that in the airport the guy had double security, and any attempt might get him caught in the act. But even with that he went to the airport. He thought that maybe he could get a chance there.

He wasn’t all wrong but he wasn’t all right either.

At the airport, Jang Dongwoo really had his double security. Hoya watched carefully from distance, working on not getting caught. He was looking casual there, his gun hidden somewhere inside his jacked but on easy access if he needed it. From his spot he couldn’t really see the guy clearly but he could identify him from the others.

Hoya saw the guy having some kind of discussion with a bodyguard and he thought this was the best moment to approach. He walked closer and stood behind a wall near. He was being discrete and caught a bit of what was being said.

“I told you! I need to go to the bathroom!! Gosh! I can’t stand this. I’ve only been back home for five minutes and can’t even go to the bathroom. Should I take a flight back?!”

“Ok. Ok, sir. But we will go with you! You father asked for your safety. Please understand.”

“I won’t allow you guys to enter the bathroom while I’m in there. OK? I’m feeling creeped out already. Gosh!”

“But your father said yo--” protested again the bodyguard.

“I can imagine what he said already but don’t worry it isn’t like I will get killed here or anything. He likes to exaggerate, so overprotecting.” Jang Dongwoo said and the guard tensed thinking on the contrary. While Dongwoo said “It’s just a bathroom.”

“Ok, Mister Jang. We will give you five minutes, just five. If you don’t come out in that amount of time we will come in after you.”

Hoya heard what he wanted and just as casual as he could be, walked in their direction, he moved farther away from them, spotting a bathroom. BINGO, now or never. Hoya thought.

Hoya had studied the airport facilities beforehand and he knew this bathroom has two doors, in two different sides.

He stood near it and looked back to see the group of bodyguards and the principal guy approaching the bathroom. His moment was now. He got inside the bathroom from the back door and moved inside on the cubicles, waiting. He took out his gun and prepared it to not make any sound.

He heard the front door being locked and the guy’s voice he recognized from before.

“I need to get out here before they notice! I’m feeling suffocated. I didn’t ask for this. What will I do? Omg! Five minutes just five minutes. What should I do?! Dongwoo think, think, your father didn't pay Harvard for this. Or maybe he did. But no, whatever!” Hoya almost got distracted listening to this guy. The guy didn’t seem like a bad person or like his father at all. But whatever, Hoya thought, it wasn’t his problem. He got paid to kill and kill was he was going to do it.

Hoya with his gun in hand opened slowly his door without realizing that there was a sudden silence in the bathroom.

Then everything happened so fast. His gun was thrown to the other side of the room and he was pinned to the wall.

“Who are you and what do you want from me?” Jang Dongwoo asked and Hoya was in a process of dumbness and still surprised of how thing turned out against his side that fast. “I saw you outside and coming in here. What do you want from me? ANSWER ME!”

“Is everything all right inside there?” they heard someone knock on the door.

“Yeah, everything’s fine! Leave me alone for five minutes, Gosh!” Dongwoo said and turned again to Hoya. “Will you talk or not? I don’t have time to lose.”

“I was sent to kill you, all right?!” said Hoya, who didn’t hesitate to answer.

“Why?” Dongwoo asked in all the confusion. Why would this guy he didn’t even know want to kill him?

“I don’t understand.” Was all Dongwoo could said before releasing him.

Hoya was now more confused as he turned around from the wall. He considered for a moment the other guy out his mind. He was looking for his chance, when the said guy walked to the other side and picked his gun up from the floor and aimed it at Hoya.

“What’s your name and why are you doing this?”

“Hoya.” He said with such coldness on his face. He wasn’t really scared just concerned, if you can call it that way. But deep down he knew the guy wasn’t up to useing that gun. “I get paid for killing, not to know the reason behind it.”

“I’m Dongwoo. We will have this talk later. Now Hoya, today is your lucky day. If you get me out of here now and alive without those stupid guards noticing, I will pay you double the amount they gave you for killing me. Deal or deal? You decide.”

“Do I have another option?” Hoya asked coldly.

“Good to know, wait, are you always this cold?” Dongwoo asked in amusement, as he saw no emotion at all from the other guy.

“Hu-hum.” Hoya replied trying to annoy.

“Two minutes left, Mister Jang.”

“Give me a break! I’m coming.” Dongwoo yelled to the guys outside and turned really fast to Hoya, not getting distracted. “Well Hoya-shii, we only have one minute.”

“Ok.” Hoya said. “You must do as I say.”

Dongwoo nodded, kinda cutely if you asked Hoya. It was kind of ironic for him to see how the guy was the one aiming the gun at him, the guy that never unfocused his eyes and the gun never hesitated to point at him. Well, like father like son he figured.

“First take off your clothes” Hoya said as he started taking off his. “We need to go undercover so it would be better if we change clothes so no one can really suspect us.” Dongwoo did as he was told and as fast as they could, they changed clothes, without really minding each other. Hoya thought for a moment about changing his mind and going for kill instead but he was starting to like this new challenge and he was going to see how far it could go.

Hoya continued “Secondly, do you see that door.” he pointed at the door behind him, the one that he came in earlier. “We are going to go out the same door. Your security system didn't seem to notice it.” Hoya paused and said. “You need to take the gun out of sight and start running behind me like your life depends on it, ok?”

Jang Dongwoo just nodded again, hiding the gun under his jacket.

“Hey! Easy with that! That’s my baby you have there.” Hoya said referring to his precious gun.

“Whatever! Let's do this. We don't have much time.” he said as the opposite door was being forced and there were screams from the security party.

The run was almost as fast as the spelled word, because they almost got caught. Running out of the airport was always hard under any other circumstance. The security moved everywhere and Hoya felt that they were almost trapped, but he found an advantage. After all he was the one that studied the airport map beforehand.

They got out with all the strategic moves Hoya made around the airport. He knew everything about the place and which way to go. They got into Hoya’s car and disappeared from the guards’ sight. There was calm during the whole ride and Hoya was concerned. Things like this were never that easy. But he let that feeling pass. Maybe he was going to get luck this time.

“Where do I drop you off? And when will I get the money you promised?” Hoya asked as they were in a safe area.

“When you get me out of my father’s control. I can’t live like this. I’m not made to be a business man, no matter how much he tries to makes me one.”

“So what’s your plan then?” Hoya asked a bit annoyed. He thought this was going to be an easy drop him somewhere and go. But it totally didn’t looked like that.

“For the moment, get away from this city. Get to the east coast maybe and get out of the country. Can you do that?” Dongwoo asked.

“I could still kill you. It would be a lot easier.” Hoya said seriously. He was thinking his options clearly.

“There’s more money on the line you probably won’t, plus I’m the one with the gun, and I know karate. But apart from that you haven’t answered my question before. “Why are you doing this?”

Hoya remained in silent and Dongwoo didn’t insisted, he got the point.

Without really thinking of what to do, Hoya drove to the first place that came to his mind, his apartment. There they changed clothes again and gather up a bag with the important things for a big road trip. Hoya made Dongwoo get rid of all his electronics because he was sure they guy could be traced. They walked out, filled the car’s gas tank, got some utilities and food and started the ride out of the big city.

“Is the rest of the ride going to be this boring? I don’t think I can stand it! Does the radio at work at least?” Donwoo asked irritated by the silence in the car. He tried a couple of times to get the other to talk but it seemed like Hoya was reserved like that.

“Well get used to it. Don’t expect me to start making jokes, I’m not a joker.” Hoya reprimanded. “And yeah, that radio works but don’t you dare to put a hand on it. I made a deal about letting you leave alive not about letting you go in one piece. If you appreciate your hand please keep them to yourself."

“Aish! Ok!” Dongwoo just rolled his eyes. This guy was totally atrocious.

Hoya was not such a bad guy and he turned on the radio to his favorite hip-hop station. Surprisingly it was music that Dongwoo also liked.

The ride continued with just the radio on high volume.

Both boys while listening to music and thinking about their options.

Dongwoo really wanted to escape and be free. His father wasn’t giving him that and he really didn’t want to take his father’s place. It wasn’t his thing. He was also trying to figure out why there were people wanting to kill him. As far as he knew, he hasn’t done anything bad to anyone. He thought it was weird.

Hoya on other hand was full of thoughts on how this all turned out. On how he was now helping the guy he was supposed to kill. How this was all wrong in all the wrong ways. He also thought about killing this Dongwoo and continue with his old life. But deep down he was liking this idea a bit too much. Seeing someone fighting for what they wanted was something he didn’t see every day. He was starting to get curious of this guy.

And then they both asked at the same time.

“Why are you doing this?”

Dongwoo laughed in surprise... and Hoya couldn't hide his amusement.He couldn't deny that there was a nice feeling about that.

“You first” they both said again and now both started laughing.

“Ok, ok. Let’s stop. What were you asking?” Hoya asked when he realized what he was doing. But Dongwoo ignored his attempt and continued to laugh with such contagious laugh that was almost adorable, if you asked Hoya. No, no. this is not what I’m supposed to be thinking.

It took a while for Dongwoo to stop laughing while Hoya reminded with a small smile he was trying to hide.

“I was wondering, why you are doing this? I mean, why are you killing and such?”

“Well my family needed food and it was the only fast solution available. But now I do it because, when you start there’s no easy way out. You know what I mean?” Hoya said in all sincerity.

“Sorry to say this but that’s just sad. It’s like being imprisoned into this for life.” Dongwoo said and continued “This could be too much to ask, but have you imagined your life doing other things? something that you really could like to do if you if you had the chance?”

“Hell yeah! If I had another chance or alternative I would be dancing. I love dancing. But I know my place and what I can and what I can’t do.” Hoya answered a bit sad.

“Somehow we seem to be in the same position but in different circumstances, both imprisoned to something or to someone.”

“The only difference is that you are now trying to escape.”

“Yeah that’s right. But who said you can’t come with me.” Dongwoo said with the brightest smile Hoya have ever seen, who just opened his eyes like plates. “Oh come on, it can be great, and I’m sure you don’t have anything to lose.”

Hoya then realized how hopeful and bright this guy was, and how different he was from what he was supposed to be. “I will think about that ok? But now what about you? Why are you really doing this?”

“I don't want to take over my father's business.” Dongwoo paused and let out a heavy sigh. “I know I been trained all my life for this but I'm not this type of person. I’m not a business man material and even knowing we are talking about one of the most influential businesses of Korean, I still don’t want to be part of it. I just want to study, dance, and work, have friends, probably get married, or something. I don't know, I just want to be happy, and I’m sure this isn’t going to bring me that.”

“I understand but wait? Aren’t you going to take his other business too?” Hoya asked in amusement as Dongwoo never mentioned the underground businesses his father also had.

“What other business?”

"The one for what most of the people want you off the map". Hoya said surprised. “Wait! Don’t tell me you don’t know?”

“I don’t get what you are talking about as far as I know, my father only have this industrial company. What are you talking about?” Dongwoo was really confused. It was the first time in his life he heard about this.

“Your father also has a clandestine company. He’s the big head of the underground in Korea.” Hoya informed. “Why do you think he puts so much security on you? It’s not only about you taking care of the big company it is about the underground company that supposed to pass into your hands too?”

“WHAT?! This can’t be! My father isn’t this kind of man. How can you say this? This can’t be.” Dongwoo refrained tears, he refused to believe what he just heard but there was a part of him that told him this could be real.

“Well I’m just saying what I know. Mister Jang has paid me in the past to eliminate people.”

“This…, this can’t be.” Dongwoo said in between tears.

“Aish! Stop. I didn’t mean for you start crying. Now I realize why you aren’t the right material for your dad’s business.” Hoya said while looking at how fragile the other guy seemed. He parked the car on the side of the road and much as it was a surprise himself, he was the one comforting the crying Dongwoo.

“Now more than ever I need to disappear. I don’t want to be involved into this.” Dongwoo said when he calmed down. “Now I won’t stop till I’m far away from him. I won’t become that. I don’t want to.”

Later, the ride continued in silence. The night came and both boys were tired. They found an small motel near the road they were passing by and decided to stay there for the night. Dongwoo made a call to an old friend to get him an airplane ready the next day in a rural airport near east coast. If they continued like this they were going to arrive just in time to get out of the country before midnight.

The next day the first thing they did was fill the gas tank and have a big breakfast to regain strength.

They relationship gave unexpected turn after their talk the day before. Dongwoo turned into a friend. Something Hoya wasn’t used have, because he didn’t like to make friends, he didn't like attachments. But now with Dongwoo things were starting to change. He felt like there were so many things that he could also do, that he couldn't see doing before. Dongwoo was this kind of person that told him that there were chances, opportunities and that he can make choices, better ones.

“Well Sunggyu says he will have a plane ready just before midnight. I totally think we will make it on time.”

A silent ride was not existent now. They both discovered a lot about each other. How for Hoya, the first thing he bought with his money was an iPod and laptop to download all the hip-hop music he wanted. How Dongwoo escaped the campus in Harvard to hang out and dance with friends in a club. Their stories gave them both a laugh. Hoya liked this a bit too much.

It was then 1pm and time to eat again the stopped at a mall in the current town they were in. They ate and then Dongwoo spotted a game shop and insisted in playing in the dance machine. They did five rounds and Hoya won three of them.

“You didn’t mention how good you were at dancing, I’m surprised.” Hoya said as they got out of the mall with smiles and laughers.

“You never aske---”

“DOWN! Get down!!!!” Hoya screamed as he got on the floor and pushed Dongwoo with him. Then they hide behind some cars. “They caught us. The fuck! We are so busted.”

“Who are they?" Dongwoo murmured.

“They are the ones that want you dead. Come on let’s get out of here before the notice us hiding.”

In Hoya’s opinion, they were having too much luck because they got out without problems, with no one following them.

The ride continued and they were then 3 hours behind from the rural airport. If things continued that way, Dongwoo was going be able to escape on time.

“Don’t you want to come with me?” Dongwoo asked out of nowhere. “I mean start all over again, far from here. Don’t you want to try to be happy?”

Hoya didn’t say anything and Dongwoo didn’t pushed for an answer. He was insecure, this was all too good to be true and he didn’t like not knowing what was next. At least being a killer gave him a reminder that he was going to get killed someday. But this was different; this choice had lots of “what ifs” behind.

“I don’t know.”

It was night already, half hour to make it to the airport. Hoya felt the air tense. Once again there was only silence in the car. Neither of them could really believe that they made it alive.

“Do you still want to kill me?” Dongwoo joked.

“What, do you want me to? I can still do it and ride back to the big city.” They both laughed and Hoya noticed how much he liked Dongwoo’s smile and Dongwoo in general. He been noticing these small things all day, but he didn’t know how to interpreted these kind of feelings. This is all kinds of wrong, but don’t worry Hoya, you will go back to normal, just wait till you get your money and this guy that have just changed your life completely in just two days get far away from you, then you will go back to normal. He liked to believe that.

When they got to the almost abandoned airport, Dongwoo’s friend, Sunggyu wasn’t anywhere near to be found. This preoccupied both of them since it wasn't suppose to be this way. Everything smelled like there was something wrong.

“Give me back my gun Dongwoo. This doesn’t look right.” Dongwoo didn’t hesitate to do as he was told. He could also feel something weird.

“I will try calling him.” Dongwoo said as he walked slowly behind Hoya.

The phone ringed two times when someone that wasn’t Sunggyu responded. “Son where are you? Don’t you know how scared I was that maybe something happened to you? Come back home son, this isn’t the best solution, this isn’t your future. Be an obedient boy and listen to your dad, for once.”

“Sorry dad but I won’t. I’m tired of listening to you, tired of doing just what you want.” Dongwoo said and stopped because this was the first time he said something like this to his father so directly. “And especially not now that I know your real business, dad. How could you? I never thought you could be this kind of person. I can’t father, I don’t want to be a part of this, and this isn’t for me. I’m sorry.”

Dongwoo could hear the anger on the other side of the line. “Dongwoo, you want to know what happened to your friend Sunggyu for wanting to help you out? He’s dead.”

Dongwoo couldn’t talk and everything stopped for a moment. Hoya stopped and looked at his horrified face. “So if you don’t want whoever is helping you there to die, please stop now. I don’t want to do this son, but you aren’t giving me another choice. You can’t do as you wish; you do as I wish like everyone else around. So stop being stubborn and no one will die.”

Dongwoo couldn’t really talk. He couldn’t believe that was his father that he was just listening to. The person he grew up to admire, grew up to want to imitate. Those images were just dispel. “I prefer to be killed first.” He answered and hunged up without listening to anymore.

He took Hoya by the hand looked at him directly with his wet eyes. “Dongwoo what’s happening? Where’s your friend? Why are you crying?”

“He’s dead. He died trying to help me Hoya!” he said in an angst yell.

Hoya couldn’t really deal with all the sadness in the voice of the most bright person he have ever meet. He hugged him and the other just cried harder. “Who did this?!” who made you cried this hard, I’m going to kill em.

“My dad, Jang did this.” Dongwoo said in between cries. “He says he will kill everyone that tries to help me escape. Hoya what will I do?! After this I prefer to be dead before going back to him.”

Then they heard in the distance someone calling Dongwoo’s name. Hoya got in front of Dongwoo as quickly as possible got in trying to protect him.

“Oh look who we have here. Hoya, hello.” Said Jang as he walked closer. All Hoya and Dongwoo did was walk backwards. “Now give me back my child, this boy needs to learn a lesson.”

“Just kill me Hoya.” Murmured Dongwoo so low that it was almost hard to understand. “Kill me so I don’t have to go back to that monster, please.” He insisted. But Hoya wasn’t listening, or better, he didn’t want to listen.

“I said, give back my child. Hoya, what part of that didn’t you understand?”

“Not if I kill him first!” Hoya did a fast turn, and grabs Dongwoo between his arms with his gun directed at his head. “I will ask for lot of green to accept this offer.”

“Hoya, you better think about this. You are in no position of making deals. Whether you give him back now or later, you won’t get out of here alive.” Jang said with no vacillation in his features.

Dongwoo looked at his father from behind the gun, that man wasn’t his dad anymore, he refused to accept that.

“Hoya stop this, you are surrounded.”

Hoya looked each side nervously and notice how he was surrounded by guys with guns. It was then that Dongwoo surprised him, taking the gun from his hands. “Dongwoo what are you doing?”

“Stopping all this, I’m tired!” He put the gun to his head. “Dad, I’m tired!!”
“Son, you don’t know what you are doing, take that gun down. Let’s go home.” Jang tried to take over his son talking like someone that cares. And at some ways he really did, but only for his son, or maybe only for his business, Dongwoo couldn’t figure out.

“If you don’t let him go, I will pull the trigger!! I swear I will!”

“Don’t talk nonsense Dongwoo. You won’t do no such thing.”

“Dongwoo just go with him, you will have better chances. Forget about me. I knew all the way that I was going to end being killed.” Hoya said with concerned eyes.

“I don’t want to, Hoya. I want you to have that chance. Please.” Dongwoo tried to insists.

Then a shot was heard and someone fell on the ground.

“No!!!” Dongwoo screamed as he released his gun and walked closer to his father.

“Dad, dad! Wake up!!”

“Well, well, well how we have here, a family reunion, how sweet.” Hoya recognized that voice. It was the guy who paid him to kill Dongwoo, Woohyun.”

“Well, the show is over.” He said to everyone that was holding a loaded gun, as he walked closer.

“That, old man, was for killing my family and my boyfriend, you bitch!” Woohyun screamed at the dead body on the floor while Dongwoo cried.

“Woo..Woohyun. Is that you?” Dongwoo asked between sobs.

“Yeah, I’m sorry buddy, but your father just killed Sunggyu and that was too much.”

“I know.” Dongwoo said between sobs. He still cried because it was his father after all and he loved him but a person that did so much wrong to everyone else didn’t deserve a happy ending and he was aware of that.

“Wait. Wait. Wait now!” Hoya was confused “Didn’t you paid me to kill Dongwoo? How come you are friends now?”

“Hoya" Woohyun smiled evilly "that’s the wonders of life. The plan wasn’t really kill Dongwoo, the plan was bringing me to the father. You seceded in more than one way I see.” Woohyun said while smirking.

“Oh you fucking bitch! I'm going to kill you! I swear, you got me into this mess! You definitely are going to pay gooood for this! I’m going to kill you!” Hoya screamed at the smiling guy. What was so funny anyways? But deep down, really deep down he wasn't that angry. He looked at what he gained, Dongwoo.

“Hoya, don't be like that and besides don’t say that too loud, I’m the boss now, remember.” Woohyun said with a goofy smile, Hoya was trying to calm down because he was about to punch the guy in the face.

“Well are you guys going take the airplane or not? Don’t tell me my Sunggyu died for nothing.” Woohyun said with a bit of sadness in his eyes.

Dongwoo got up and wiped his tears. His plans didn’t change because his father wasn’t there anymore. If he stayed in Korea he was going to deal with too many things that he really didn’t wanted. He got really near Hoya and took him by the arm. “Let’s go. Let’s leave and be free.”

“But, but….” Hoya tried to stop him but failed when the other turned to him and gave him a peck on the lips.

“I like you, ok? Please come with me!”

Did Hoya mention before how adorable Dongwoo was? Well if he didn't, he did now. Starting a new maybe wasn’t a bad idea after all.

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M a r i e: Staredongwoojjang on March 26th, 2012 06:42 pm (UTC)
For a moment at the end I thought that maybe Sungkyu wasn't really dead ; 3; Nuuuuu ! waaeeee ??! Gyu.. .___. Poor Woohyun..

Great story ! I liked the tensed atmosphere o/
Alyssa: pic#minhoalyssa1515 on March 27th, 2012 04:49 pm (UTC)
I love the storyline and how different it is from the usual YaDong fics I've read.
And assassin themed stories are my favourite. Too bad Gyu had to die =(

Thanks for the story =)